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Thank you for attending the IPI World Congress 2021 in Vienna, organized by the International Press Institute (IPI). IPI is a Vienna-based global network of editors, media executives and leading journalists. We are dedicated to furthering and safeguarding press freedom, protecting freedom of opinion and expression, promoting the free flow of news and information, and improving the practices of journalism.
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Gregor Jarisch

Newbly - Local News in Foreign Languages
Vienna, Austria
i am a self-employed software inventor from Austria.
Pleasure to e-meet u!

Beginning of this year I have launched a fully automated news media platform which aggregates and translates news of one or more media sources and publishes them bilingually on a blazing fast responsive website ranked by social media popularity (Current scope: "multilingual local news articles based on popular news from Austria") . Currently there are articles available for English, Romanian, Serbocroatian, Turkish and Arabic. More countries, languages or news media streams (RSS feeds) can be added easily.
Human proof-reading and -editing possibilities are available as well.

This project is called Newbly (/ˈnjuːli/).

The main focus over the last months was to build a cutting-edge web experience that is applicable to news media from all over Europe. Currently we also auto-publish to Facebook and Twitter. Google News has recently started to include our articles as well. Now we are looking to scale this project in Austria and other media markets within Europe.

Looking to connect to anyone interested, but especially to those who are:
* media publishers that consider offering multilingual content (B2B, B2C)
* marketing experts specialized in digital news media marketing (work for equity)
* media corporations who are interested in growing this project to an European scale together (seed investment)

Website: https://newb.ly
Introvideo: https://newbly.news/Introvideo_English

Drop me an email at

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